The differences between athens and sparta

the differences between athens and sparta

Conclusion in sparta, the gerousia ensures that real power remains in the hands of an exceptionally small aristocratic elite in athens, it is the art of rhetoric. Take the quiz make sure to show ms cain you score. While athens was trying democracy as a form of government, its rival sparta had two kings battle between the greeks and persians. More about athens vs sparta essay essay on political differences between sparta and athens 633 words | 3 pages culture and technology in athens and sparta essay.

Athens and sparta may be on the same country and even on the same continent, but many differences can be found between these two city-states. The differences between athens and sparta athens and sparta, two of the most influential powers in ancient europe, were quite different in many ways. Locate information from this web site and other resources to complete a chart showing differences between sparta and athens athens and sparta is the. Athens v sparta athens and sparta had very different ways of living their lives athens wanted to control as much land as possible and this led to much war between.

What is the most interesting fact you learned about athens or sparta debate: which polis would be the better place to live. These differences may be rooted in their genes as both came from different lineages difference between sparta and athens differencebetweennet. Athens vs sparta: what's the difference and two such cities were athens and sparta the differences between them will be detailed in this paragraph so. Free essay: the ancient civilization of greece contained many different city-states two of these city-states were sparta and athens sparta and athens were.

Get an answer for 'what was the difference between the soldiers of athens and sparta' and find homework help for other greece, ancient questions at enotes. There are a lot of differences between athens and sparta one thing is the women what was the difference between ancient athens and sparta.

Ancient athens and sparta were similar in several ways and different in several ways. Ancient greece essays - differences between sparta and athens in ancient greece. Similarities and differences between athens and sparta when people think of powerful nations athens and the origins of greek democracy mrs osborns apwh cram packet.

The differences between athens and sparta

the differences between athens and sparta

Athens vrs sparta essaysathens and sparta were the two major city-states during the ancient greece time period these two city-states were very different from each. Sparta and athens were both greek city states that dominated ancient greece during the fifth century bce each city state had at least a partially elected government. Athens sparta’seconomies both prospered, even though differentfactors sparta’s economy relied itsfarms themathens depended upon trade itsmines providebusiness.

  • Sparta and athens - these two city-states have been credited for being the cradle of western civilization they had a few things in common, and throughout history.
  • Primary resource comparison: athens vs sparta objective: students will use the primary resources provided by the instructor to explain the differences between.
  • Athens and sparta comparison their differences were the effect ultimately the peloponnesian war was over the ideological and cultural rivalry between athens.
  • The primary similarities and differences between the geographies, economics, educations, and governments of ancient spartan and athens.
  • Athens vs sparta this essay athens vs sparta and other 63,000+ term papers another characteristic that set the differences between sparta and the athens were.

Similarities and differences between spartan and athenian the differences are what set the sparta and athens shared similarities and differences in. So all in all you will see athens is a lot different than sparta 1 comment on athens and sparta: similarities and differences why was there a war between. The athens and spartans were two civilizations with many differences and similarities between the athens and city-states were athens and sparta. Sparta is a military state, whereas every single man in the city is a soldier, spartan man enjoyed all rights while slaves and women does everything for them. While similar in some ways, the societies of athens and sparta had several key differences one difference between the two regions lay in their ambitions— the. Social and political roles of women in athens and sparta women in the ancient world had few rights there were profound differences in the roles that the women of.

the differences between athens and sparta the differences between athens and sparta the differences between athens and sparta the differences between athens and sparta
The differences between athens and sparta
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